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Lest We Forget: White Rock During the War Years

Friday November 3rd - Monday November 13th, 2017

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The war years of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 influenced the lives of all Canadians, and still do today. Thousands of fathers, husbands, sons, mothers and daughters served their country on the frontlines. Those who stayed home in White Rock also served in the workforce, in convalescence, in voluntary service organizations – wherever they were needed. We invite you to explore the history of White Rock at war through the museum’s collection and archival material.

Mosaics: Understanding White Rock in the Context of Canada

Friday May 19th - Monday October 9th, 2017

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The exhibition explores the development of White Rock as a Canadian city, but emphasizes little known local stories about several communities present in White Rock over the last 150 years. These stories include the large the Japanese community living near East Beach until 1941, the development of the Semiahmoo reservation, Great Northern Railway as a major silk distributor from Asia, and the challenge facing Chinese Canadians living in the area until the late 1940s. The exhibition features the Campbell River Lumber Company, as one of White Rock’s largest industrial outfits, and the important role it played in bringing a culturally diverse workforce to the Peninsula in the 1920s.

This summer’s show also features an interactive “speaker’s corner” where visitors will have the opportunity to photograph or video in order to share their experience at the museum with the larger community via social media.

What's a BUZZ BOOTH ? you ask ? Well... it is an interactive element to this summer's exhibiton: Mozaics, Understanding White Rock in the Context of Canada.. It's like a speaker's corner, you can create a picture or a video which will be widely shared on the Museums's social media channels. The videos are 30 seconds long in which you can state your first name, your home town and what you are excited about this summer as it relates to Canada 150, the new exhibition, or just why you are proud to be a Canadian.

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Passages: Narratives of Identity and Space
Trinity Western University Graduating Art class

March 15 - April 29, 2017

From the rhythm and patterns of our social behaviours, to the movements of communities and social groups, exhibition examines societal and cultural practices concentrating on perception and behaviour. The way we recognize patterns and how we perceive meaningful information is directly linked to our cultural environment and social identification. The universal human tendency to search for identity and space is often correlated to how we perceive cultural symbols, traditional and conventional patterns.

While investigating the occupation of space and place - in terms of geography, materiality, built environments, social institutions, the body and ideological positions - each artist inquires after the behaviours that cause us to identify with certain patterns and relations. These artistic practices are used to explore the narratives of the lived experience.

Wednesday January 18 - Tuesday February 28, 2017

This winter art exhibition was put together by several artists from the Semiahmoo First Nation. Each piece has a unique story to tell, and weave together to tell of a deep connection to place. The show explores changes to place over time, current struggles and respects ancient stories.

Artist Sit-In Every Sunday Between 12:00-4:00pm

Please come visit Roxanne Charles in the gallery space to share smoked salmon and wild tea to remember that human relationships are a huge part history, memory, and life.